Signal Analysis Chair
Halmstad University Box 823 SE-30118 Halmstad, Sweden

Goal: To contribute to solutions of recognition problems, relevant to the human visual system and to human comfort.  

We have been addressing the following issues: 

Orientation and frequency description of still and video images for general purposes, 
Decompositions based on Gabor filters, 
Dense orientation maps, 
Interpretation and modelling of dense orientation maps via differential operators (e.g. tensors, Lie groups), modelling dense symmetry fields. 

We have been using our results in the following applications: 

Biometric person authentication by audio and video, face recognition, fingerprint recognition
Content based multi-media data base queries 
Unsupervised image segmentation, and texture analysis 


Past projects



Former Members:

  • Dr. Yaregal Assabie
  • Håkan Eriksson
  • Dr. Maycel Faraj
  • Dr. Hartwig Fronthaler
  • Dr. Klaus Kollreider
  • Dr. Anna Mikaelyan
  • Patrik Nilsson
  • Martin Persson
  • Dr. Lalith Premaratne
  • Dr. Fabrizio Smeraldi
  • Dr. Dereje Teferi
  • Heike Walter

Publications about us:


Downloads (Test images, Software.., etc)
Take our face recognition test
Try our image search engine at Passe-Partout for book-marks, ornaments (Todai)

Signal Analysis Chair
School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering
Halmstad University
Box 823 SE-30118 Halmstad, Sweden